Subtitling is an excellent and cost-effective method to offer your movie or video in different languages. On DVDs you can fit numerous subtitling languages on a single DVD and we can help you in providing authoring-ready subtitling streams for both standard definition DVD as well as high-definition Blu-Ray discs.

In short, the process of subtitling involves preparing the timed/spotted script, translate it and encode/render the subtitles to either authoring-ready files or to a master video.

Through our skilled editors and a vast network of translators, we are able to prepare your production for a variety of markets:

High-Definition Distribution

Although not new very few companies are able to provide quality subtitling for High-Definition formats like Blu-Ray or HD-CAM, HD-CAM SR, D5, etc. Blue 105 can and will be happy to assist you in subtitling any project to high-definition.

Broadcast (Air, Cable, Satellite)

Showing on a TV channel near you, being that via airwaves, your local cable TV company or your satellite provider.

DVD/Blu-Ray Distribution

This is probably the most widely visible distribution, since it's going to show up at your nearest video store.

Video Distribution

Although basically obsolete, if you need tape-based subtitled videos like VHS tapes, we can still help.

Airline Distribution

Subtitling productions for this market requires special attention to edited language versions since the audience includes adults and children alike as well as special technical requirements. Blue 105 has been the leader in this industry for over 15 years.

Theatrical Distribution

Although we do not provide film-etching/printing subtitling, we actively provide spotting/timing and translations for this market, and we provide complete processing on traditional digital video and high-definition media used in movie theaters.


Either directly or being the invisible back-end provider to major translation companies, we provide subtitling services for corporate videos, being for employee training, tradeshows, mass mailings, or executive communications (shareholder videos, meetings, depositions, etc.)


Internet distribution of movies is a reality and we're are providing subtitling services to a variety of distribution partners on all current and future standards including SRT, VTT, XML, D-Cinema, TTML, HTML 5, Adobe® Premiere Editor, and several hard video formats.