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Server Emergency Form

If you can't view your website or your whole website email is not working (test it via Webmail as well to be sure it is not your computer or local network), use this form to submit a support ticket to our engineering group.

This form is to be used ONLY in case of major server emergency (example: server is down).
For any other issue, click here to use our standard contact form.

Email address:
Domain Name:

Please enter a description of the problem you are experiencing:

Image Verification Code
Please retype the letters you see in the image in this box.
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Service Terms

  1. By submitting this request for service I understand that I may be billed for services provided, at the rates given below (4), unless the service requested is already included in my service plan.
  2. All service inquiries will be reviewed, and an estimate of cost will be emailed to the email address provided above for approval.
  3. I understand that my approval of the estimate is required before any dedicated server services will be performed.
  4. Rates:
    1. $150/hr, billed half hourly.
    2. Minimum charge $75.00


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