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Step 3:
Develop your Web Pages

For simple website development we recommend you purchase a desktop website authoring software or do quick search on the Internet for overseas web developers that can provide graphic design and site authoring at competitive pricing. Another option is to purchase website templates and complete the design yourself.

If you require advanced design or programming services, Blue 105 can assist you in developing a fully integrated web site for your organization  including advanced features like database integration, video encoding and streaming.

We specialize in PHP and MySQL development. Using these technologies we are able to design very interactive and database driven websites, a growing need for many websites. For some samples of our database developments, please visit our Projects page.

Website Translations

Blue 105 can also translate your web site in several languages. Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Middle-East, if you want your site to be global, Blue 105 can help you get there. Click here to learn more about multilingual web sites.

For more information on web development contact us with your requirements.


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