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What Are Virtual Servers?

Virtual Servers

What is a Virtual Server
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A virtual server is a "section" of the server computer to which we assign your domain name.
To create a virtual servers we divide our computers into multiple "virtual machines". We assign to each one of this machine a domain name ( and an Internet Protocol (IP) address (a unique identification number for machines connected to the Internet).
Even if several sites are hosted in one computer, to you and anybody in the Internet it's like if your site was operating out of your own web server under your own domain name.
Nobody in the world will see any difference!

Through this system Blue 105 can offer your organization reliable, convenient, easy to use and fully supported services at a fraction of the cost without the worries and expenses of maintaining and troubleshooting your own equipment.

If you need additional information or for special needs, contact us or visit our online order form.



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