What Are Virtual Servers?

Virtual Servers

What is a Virtual Server
Is it complicated to use
Internet Connections
E-mail Accounts
Server Cost
Blue 105 will provide you with POP3 e-mail accounts in your domain name with or without Internet site. We will register your domain name (example "your_company.com") and we will setup one or more e-mail accounts, as needed.
We program our e-mail servers to receive every name that appears before the "@" symbol (example: you don't need two accounts to receive the following messages "info@your_name.com" or "sales@your_name.com", both will be received by your single account). This system allows you to have an unlimited number of e-mail addresses under your single domain name.

You can check your e-mail through an e-mail program, like Eudora or Netscape Mail, or we can forward all messages to another e-mail account you might already have.

We can also provide separate accounts with separate passwords for different people in your organization.

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