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What Are Virtual Servers?

Virtual Servers

What is a Virtual Server
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Blue 105 will provide you with POP3 e-mail accounts in your domain name with or without Internet site. We will register your domain name (example "") and we will setup one or more e-mail accounts, as needed.
We program our e-mail servers to receive every name that appears before the "@" symbol (example: you don't need two accounts to receive the following messages "" or "", both will be received by your single account). This system allows you to have an unlimited number of e-mail addresses under your single domain name.

You can check your e-mail through an e-mail program, like Eudora or Netscape Mail, or we can forward all messages to another e-mail account you might already have.

We can also provide separate accounts with separate passwords for different people in your organization.

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If you need additional information or for special needs, contact us or visit our online order form.



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